Our Story

PREMIER SKILLS is a football company dedicated to developing outstanding coaches and highly skilled players. We aim to do this by delivering innovative coach education and player development courses at all levels.

Premier Skills Who We Are

In 2002, John Cartwright and Roger Wilkinson recognised the deficiencies in the development of football coaches and young players in the United Kingdom. Together, they developed Cartwright’s vision of how the game should be played, incorporating high levels of skill within an advanced tactical framework. Understanding that young players and coaches needed something greater to aspire to, Cartwright and Wilkinson founded PREMIER SKILLS and developed Practice Play - the unique and innovative coaching methodology.

This methodology has been delivered around the world since 2002 and has established PREMIER SKILLS as a leading educator of coaches and players.  

In 2017 Premier Skills made the decision to enter the Events and Management industry.  Premier Skills now delivers its innovative ideas through 3 interlinked areas of the game:

  • PS Coaching
  • PS Management
  • PS Events
By working in these three key areas, Premier Skills is able to develop the game skilfully in a multitude of settings and enviroments.


PREMIER SKILLS has a clearly defined playing philosophy that is built around highly skilled individualism and clever team play. Our Practice Play methodology was developed to achieve this playing philosophy in a logical and progressive manner.

PREMIER SKILLS is one of the only coaching organisations in the world with a complete methodology that takes a player from grassroots through to senior football. The methodology maintains continuity right the way through it, with every stage progressing from the previous and preparing for the next.

Premier Skills Who We Are