The highly successful follow up to the One to One Coaching DVD. Advanced One to One Coaching shows the parent coach how to progress their child’s skill to an advanced level.

In simple step-by-step demonstrations, Roger Wilkinson shows how children can further develop their technique with imaginative and enjoyable sessions. Just as importantly all skills are related to their tactical importance in the game. 

The DVD covers:

•  Advanced passing and receiving
•  Crossing
•  Running with the ball
•  Tricks and turns
•  Clever finishing
•  Volleying

Ideal for parents and coaches working with grassroots players. 

This dvd is a worthwhile learning experience for both coach and player.

Filmed in 1997 the DVD is still widely used by parents and coaches around the world due to its quality.

"I believe skillful players enjoy the game more and stay in the game longer. Skill is everything." - Roger Wilkinson 



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Advanced One on One - Coaching for Parent and Child