Train Like A Pro Course

The TRAIN LIKE A PROFESSIONAL course works with young kiwi football players to develop and maximise their playing potential and ability.

Through the use of the unique Practice Play methodology, PREMIER SKILLS aims to develop individualistic, skilful players in all positions with outstanding game understanding. With the TRAIN LIKE A PROFESSIONAL course, players have the opportunity to work in a top class UK/Europe academy environment.

Train Like A Pro

The Train Like A Professional course covers the following topics:

• Staying with the ball
• Combining individualism with team mates
• Understanding and expoiting time and space
• Passing and receiving
• Passing qualities
• First touch and movement variations

This course is open to any young player who has the enthusiasm and will to improve their game. PREMIER SKILLS are committed to developing any young player through the Practice Play programme and can work with players of any level.