Football Homework

Football Homework is a series of individual practices that are designed to improve and develop and player's skill level.  Using innovative designs, the Football Homework series provides practices that are both realistic to the game and easy to set up.  For players that are committed to taking their skill to an outstanding level, the Football Homework provides the practices to achieve this.

Practices include:

  • Quick Feet
  • Receiving and Passing Variations
  • Control 
  • Dribbling and Turning
  • Finishing Variations
  • Disguised Passing

The practices are catergorised into levels that increase in difficulty from level 1 to level 3. The Football Homework caters for their needs of players at all stages of development.

The Football Homework subscription includes 27 practice videos.

Cost: $20.00 - 6 month Subsription (This enables you to login and watch the practices as often as you like).