Football for the brave

With over 40 years’ experience, visionary coach and Premier Skills co-founder John Cartwright cuts to the nub of the game's playing problems and provides a blueprint to improve, at all levels of the game. 

A must read for coaches at all levels of the game!

"Football isn't simply a team game, it's about individuals combining when necessary"

This is not the usual football coaching book or manual. It does not contain text supporting illustrations or various drills or practices.

Foreword by Roy Hodgson
"John Cartwright has produced a thoughtful book which thoroughly differs from most books of this 'genre'. After a lifetime in football spent championing the need for more skillful players and better coaching to develop these individuals, John Cartwright has given us a book which pulls no punches. The book will not only provoke a lot of thought, and maybe even debate, but be one that can inspire coaches to follow his example and to dedicate the time and effort it takes to produce highly-skilled footballers who are capable of adapting to the needs of the modern game."

This book provides a thought provoking read for coaches at all levels of the game.

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Football For The Brave