The Premier Skills ACADEMY has been developed to provide ELITE young kiwi football players with an opportunity to work at an advanced level in order to maximise their playing potential.

The Academy is an invite only programme that is designed to create a "best with best" training environment. The Academy will work on advanced topics and themes with the aim of further stretching the player's skill level and game understanding.

Topics to be covered:

- Penetration in the top third/Defending in and around the box.

- Working the wide areas/Defending from crosses and wide play.

- Combination and link play in midfield/Pressing to regain possession in midfield.

The ACADEMY programme is invite only. Players must have displayed advanced skill and game understanding before they will be eligable for the ACADEMY. Players that are new to the Premier Skills programme must first enrol on the DEVELOPMENT CENTRE. If they display the required skill level and game understanding they will be given the opportunity to join the ACADEMY programme. 



2018 Programmes: