player development

 Our player development programme provide opportunities for any player to reach their potential in football. By using the Practice Play methodology, we are able to deliver player development courses that focus on developing highly skilled players with game understanding. Through our network of coaches and associates we are also able to provide playing and training opportunities around the world.

Player Development

We offer a range of player development courses that cater for the needs of grass roots, junior, youth and senior players.

Train Like A Professional 

The TRAIN LIKE A PROFESSIONAL course works with young kiwi football players to develop and maximise their playing potential and ability. Through the use of the unique Practice Play methodology, PREMIER SKILLS aims to develop individualistic, skilful players in all positions with outstanding game understanding. With the TRAIN LIKE A PROFESSIONAL course, players have the opportunity to work in a top class professional environment. The TRAIN LIKE A PROFESSIONAL courses are open to any player in the 7-14 age range that are serious about improving.

Professional Opportunities 

The PROFESSIONAL OPPORTUNITIES courses provide opportunities for players between the ages of 15 and 19 to train at a professional level, be assessed and in some cases selected to take up academy scholarships at professional clubs. We also have contacts with other professional and semi professional clubs and colleges in the USA. Through the PROFESSIONAL OPPORTUNITIES courses, we have placed many players into professional, semi professional and college soccer. The PROFESSIONAL OPPORTUNITIES courses are designed for players at an elite level and course attendance is on an invite only basis.

Centre of Excellence 

The CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE provide young players with regular opportunities to develop and improve. Through the use of the Practice Play methodology, the CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE aim to develop skilful players with game understanding. All of our CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE are linked into our PREMIER SKILLS framework and provide players with opportunities to play against other centres and clubs. Skill Centres are open to to any player in the 7-15 age range that are serious about improving.


The ACADEMY programme provides regular opportunities for players at an elite level to further develop their skill level and game understanding. The ACADEMY programme works with advanced themes from within the Practice Play methodology. The ACADEMY is a progression for the players that have excelled at the Centres of Excellence or Train Like a Professional courses. Attendance on this programme is on an invite only basis.

One 2 One Coaching Programme

We offer a One 2 One Coaching programme providing opportunities for players to develop, refine and maximise their playing ability. Leaders in One 2 One Coaching, we have worked with players of all ages and experience from grassroots to English Premier League players, increasing critical skills and game understanding. Click here for more information on our One 2 One Coaching program.

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