Train Like a Professional Course - TE AWAMUTU January 26th - 27th 2017.

The TRAIN LIKE A PROFESSIONAL COURSE provides any young player that is committed to improving the chance to train at a professional level.  PREMIER SKILLS aims to develop individualistic, skilful players with outstanding game understanding.

During the course the players will work on:
•  Staying with the ball
•  Combining individualism with team mates
•  Understanding and exploiting time and space
•  Passing and receiving Passing qualities
•  First touch and movement variation

Dates: Thursday 26th to Friday 27th January 2017 
Venue: Armstrong Ave, Te Awamutu
Cost: $90


• Open to players aged 7-14
• Course will run from 9am to 3pm each day

This course is open to any young player who has the enthusiasm and will to improve their game. PREMIER SKILLS are committed to developing any young player through the Practice Play programme and can work with players of any level.‚Ä®




By completing this registration form you are authorising PREMIER SKILLS Ltd to act on your behalf should you/your child require medical attention, and release PREMIER SKILLS Ltd from any liability for injury incurred by you/your child during the course.

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