DEVELOPMENT CENTRE - Term 1 - Te Awamutu

The Premier Skills DEVELOPMENT CENTRE  has been developed to provide ANY young kiwi football player with an opportunity to maximise their playing potential and ability.

The DEVELOPMENT CENTRE will run for 6 weeks in Term 1 - 2017. The first training session will begin on Friday 3rd of March and the last session will be Friday 7th of April 2017. The programme is held on Friday evenings and split into sessions grouped by age and gender. We will also be running goal keeper specific sessions.

TE AWAMUTU - TERM 1 - 2017

Topics covered in Term 1:

- Staying with the ball.

- Passing and receiving.

- Mobile support positions.

- Individual defending.


AGE: Open to ages 6 to 15.

TIME: 5.30pm to 6.45pm

VENUE: Te Awamutu Soccer Club

COST: $90 (6 sessions)

COACHES: The DEVELOPMENT CENTRE will be led by George Curry and Eric Jones.

ELIGIBILITY: This course is open to any young player who has the enthusiasm and will to improve their game. PREMIER SKILLS are committed to developing any young player and can work with players of any level.




By completing this registration form you are authorising PREMIER SKILLS Ltd to act on your behalf should you/your child require medical attention, and release PREMIER SKILLS Ltd from any liability for injury incurred by you/your child during the course.