Coach Education

Our coach education programme is designed to develop innovative coaches that will in turn produce outstanding players. We are committed to working with coaches from grassroots to senior level, who are dedicated and hard working - great coaching is not easy and our coaches do not settle for ordinary.

We believe the art of coaching is learnt on the grass and our coach education programme focuses on practical, realistic demonstration and experience. Through the unique Practice Play methodology we introduce the coach to programmes of work, coaching and player assessment, building a playing philosophy and building a coaching style.

Our programme works with the coach on how to develop their coaching methods to produce skillful players with outstanding game understanding .

Every level on the Practice Play programme advances the work covered at previous levels with gradual increases in the game demands of skill and understanding.

Coach Education


The Practice Play coach education programme is broken down into the following framework which is delivered through courses and dvd resources.

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Level 1: Individualism            
Level 1 provides the much-needed introduction to quality grass roots coaching. This level demonstrates to the coach how to develop game skill and individualism in young players through realistic practices. The coach will learn how to effectively coach sessions using practices that maximise the learning time available. View the Level 1: Individualism dvd in our online shop.

Level 2: Exploiting time and space        
Level 2 advances and develops the methodology used in Level 1. Level 2 demonstrates in a cleverly constructed progression how to maximise and further develop the young player’s skill and game understanding linking individualism with team mates. View the Level 2: Exploiting Time and Space dvd in our online shop.

Level 3: Playing through the thirds
Level 3 introduces the coach to a unique coaching methodology. Cleverly advancing the coach’s understanding of how to use ‘playing through the thirds’ to develop sessions that accelerate the skill and tactical abilities of players. The course introduces the 'joint thirds' concept and 'semi shadow play.’

Level 4: Preparing for the senior game
Level 4 prepares the coach to work at an advanced level developing the transition to the 11 aside game. This level progresses the skills and tactical awareness further into the 11-a-side game. This level develops the gamestyle with realistic practical programmes of work.

Level 5: Combining game styles
Level 5 concentrates on the coach developing realistic practical coaching sessions that will produce effective team performance. In this level, the coach learns to combine different game styles and is introduced to benchmark football. The coach will develop advanced player understanding allied to clever tactical combinations. The coach will examine the various ways to further develop an effective game style built on the ‘skills and tactical spine’ established in Levels 1 to 4.

One to One Coaching
One to One Coaching introduces club and parent coaches to the often neglected additional one to one coaching that accelerates the young player’s skills and confidence. The work is developed from beginner to advanced in easy to learn progressive stages and introduces the 'down chaining' method to ensure player improvement. View our One to One Coaching dvds in our online shop.

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